LWRV Child Care Job listing


Thank you for your interest in the Child Care position at Living Waters Church, in Medford, Oregon. Below you will find a general overview of this position, expectations, and compensation details. If you are interested in applying, please review these details and fill out your information in the form provided below to begin the interview process with our recruitment team.

The following steps will be taken for every eligible applicant upon receipt of your contact information:

  • Email with a link to an online form for you to include references, experience, career goals etc.    
  • A recruitment team member will then contact you via email or phone call for confirmation of eligibility or non-eligibility to continue to the interview stage.
  • If chosen to continue to the interview stage, we will schedule an in-person meeting
  • We will let you know our decision following the interview.

Our commitment to you during this process will be open communication on where you stand in terms of this position along the way.   Your time is valuable to us and we appreciate your desire to discover if this team, church, and ministry assignment is a good fit for you.  

Job Description:


  • Tuesday nights (arrive at 6 PM and stay until all the kids are picked up at 8:30) 
  • This coming LWU section is every Tuesday - Sept 11th - Nov 6th 

While not job requirements, we are searching for someone who:

  • Can commit to being there each week unless an emergency arrises.  There are breaks in weeks between classes and we will give you the schedule ahead of time.  

  • Comes prepared with activities and ideas to keep the kids entertained for the evening.  

  • Able to delegate and work with a team well.

  • Has experience with working with kids.  

  • Has the patience and is able to handle kids that have a lot of energy and those that might not be as energetic.  

  • Does require a background check.  

Primary Expectations of Child Care workers:

We are looking for an individual and/or couple who are:

Spiritual Leaders:

  • A lover and pursuer of Jesus Christ.

  • Secure in your identity as a son/daughter of the Father, and able to lead others in the same.

Great Teammates:

  • Whether a couple or individual, we desire someone who is able to dive in relationally with a team of child care workers.

Heart For CHILDREn:

  • Love children, and know how to relentlessly pursue healthy and meaningful connection with them that makes them feel like they belong.

  • Passionate to see and know them individually and uniquely.

  • Create a fun environment for them at church, making it a place they want to be.

  • Someone who is able to lead an environment where kids come, not to be babysat, but to be loved on and cared for along with planning activities for the kids during the time you are with them.  

Heart for families/parents of children:

  • We are looking for people that will walk in relationship with parents along with  growing relationship with parents.

  • The job comes with an imperative to value parents and to communicate well with them as they are dropping off their kids and heading into their classes and then picking them up.  We want them to feel safe to leave their kids and be able to fully engage in the class they signed up for.  


  • For Sept 11th - Nov 6th - we will be paying $350.  (A little over $15/hour) - We will be paying 3 people for this position.  

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