Community In Box is designed to empower you to build community into the core of your life. You are invited to surround yourself with people, grow and learn and risk knowing and being known. What you have in your hands isn’t the end-all. It is a pathway - an opportunity - to create Christ-centered, Spirit led, healthy community in your life. The kind of community that inspires creativity, growth, depth and an outward focus that brings heaven to earth in real ways that impact our cities and region.

We believe it is impossible to overstate the willingness of God to empower you to demonstrate His love, share His Gospel of reconciliation, and to walk a supernatural “spirit-filled” life. We are better together, and together, anything is possible. 



Jesus led a Spirit filled, Spirit empowered life of signs, wonders and miracles that revealed the Father. He poured out His life, He forgave, and He came to serve, not to be served. To make Jesus famous in our region, we invite Him to stir up a passion to serve others and share the Good News as He did. Service and outreach groups work together to change their cities and region through service, evangelism, or some other form of creative outreach. Making an impact for Christ in a region this large by ourselves can leave us feeling over- whelmed, but with a team of people who will support and encourage one another, we will see huge impact. Here are a few outreach and service ideas:

  • Adopt a school

  • Prayer teams on the street

  • Prayer and Intercession walks

  • Serving the homeless

  • Volunteer together at local non-profits 

  • Clean up section of the city 



Affinity groups gather people around an event, shared interest or hobby, and are a great way to meet and build new friendships within the Living Waters family, as well as invite our friends, co-workers and neighbors outside our church to all join together. In a culture that can seem increasingly isolated, gathering around something we enjoy and are passionate about is a great way to break down walls and build up friendship in a fun environment. Here are a few affinity and connection group ideas:


  • Weekly prayer gatherings

  • Bible Study

  • Book Club

  • Fixing up cars

  • Hiking

  • Biking 

  • Foodies

  • Artists

  •  Sports

  •  Outdoor activities 


Heart and Home

The church was birthed on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon them. Their lives were never the same, all the way down to how they interacted as a new community of anointed believers. They learned to share life like never before while living out the teachings of Christ. This Biblical context is where we see the pattern for our Heart & Home Groups. These groups gather in homes to encourage and grow in friendship, God’s Word and the move of Holy Spirit. This provides a place where people can go deeper into relationship with God and each other. As we gather in our homes, we experience the empowering presence of God’s Spirit that is released as we learn to love, trust and encourage each other in the “naturally supernatural” life of a Christ follower. We have a few qualifications for those who are interested in launching and leading a Living Waters affilated Heart and Home Group.

  • Attended either Sons and Bros • or Whole Hearts

  • Attend gatherings regularly in Medford or Ashland

  • Have Living Waters leadership team sponsor and reference included

  • Been a part of Living Waters for approximately a year or more. 

To sign up for a box, stop by the Welcome Center!


This page is a resource to group leaders. We want groups to thrive organically, but realize that questions will arise! As groups are launching, we'll continue to make short videos to answer the reoccurring questions that many groups may be having. 


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