Building greatness requires
a vision of the masterpiece you want to create
and the discipline and devotion
to build it one day at a time.
— Jon Gordon

Getting your ideas "unstuck"

Many of us carry ideas that would shake our churches, our communities, and our world for good if they are brought forward, encouraged, and supported. Too often the  desire to do something, start something, change something rises up in us, but dies just as quickly as we succumb to the lies of inadequacy and lack. Inadequacy says we're not good enough to do it, someone else should do it.  Lack says we don’t have time, resources, or the right background, education, or network to do it. Lies like these keep us stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and leave our most daring dreams on the drawing room floor. The truth is, these lies that hinder us from bravely moving forward are broken in Christ. We are commissioned as Kingdom pioneers, entrepreneurs who establish His purposes by bravely taking the steps to make vision become reality.

Your personal think tank

We want to hear your idea. We want to help you dream and plan, network and find resources. Let’s get it out of your head and heart, and into reality. We don’t want to do it for you, we want to partner with you as God is directing you. After meeting with us, you will be able to articulate your vision, you will have a plan for how to begin, and what steps to take to see it through to the end.

What we offer

We are building a small team of people to meet with you. They are experienced in business, non-profit and ministry start-ups, who know what it takes to build around common causes to bring change. Their only goal is to mobilize you to do all that is in your heart. No dream is too small or too large. Let’s get together over a cup of coffee, hear your story, identify resources, networks, opportunities and begin to plan the next steps for you. 

Do you have a desire to launch:

  • a business
  • a fundraiser
  • a non-profit
  • an advocacy group
  • a ministry to your neighborhood, city, or region
  • a Bible study in your workplace,
  • a home group or affinity group,
  • a church plant
  • a creative outreach
  • or something else entirely?

Our passion is to see the ideas God has placed in your mind and heart become a reality. We look forward to the opportunity to come alongside you as you take a bold step forward. We will be in touch with you very soon to schedule a consultation.

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