Man Alive


Calling all men!

Man Alive is led by Adam Braly as an extension of our men’s ministry, Sons and Brothers.

It is an offshoot of a men’s group Adam joined during his time in Redding; called Man Alive. He found it transformative. When he and his family moved back to the Rogue Valley, we were excited for him to bring it to the Living Waters men.

The basic premise of the group is to combat passivity and addiction in all areas of our lives as men (including and especially sexual health and purity) – and grasp the victory we are afforded as children of God. Even if you don’t struggle with an addiction, or sexual purity, we believe the format for Man Alive will push you into greater healing and breakthrough in your head, heart, and body.

Man Alive is a place of growth and creating momentum in your life. It is also a place where we value fun, and honesty, through creating safety for you to you, openly and with vulnerability.

Rule 1: Group is 100% confidential; Nothing leaves the room.

Rule 2: Commitment is key; you’re expected to be at a minimum of 5 out of every 6 meetings, for 6 months. By doing this we ensure our small groups are filled with equally dedicated guys, which fosters trust, open sharing, and healing.

Rule 3: Do your homework; each week we spill our guts and then we are challenged with homework to do before the next week’s meeting. The homework aims to be uncomfortable, challenging, and a catalyst toward thriving.

If you’re not holding up your end of the deal we will insist you leave group and return only when you’re able/ready to meet the expectations. You will sign a contract before you start as a way of committing to the common purpose and vision for this group and your life.

Man Alive meets every Monday at 7pm at Living Waters. We always keep it to an hour, so you can get back to your life/family. We have an open door, so you can start week 1 or week 10, and it won’t make a difference. But your first week in group marks the start of your time commitment as mentioned above. This group doesn’t expire, and has no end date. Instead, it is a lifestyle shift that deserves your ongoing time, heart and relational investment.

If you are interested in joining the group, please fill out this questionnaire/contract below!

You will then be contacted with an available start date.