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Below we'll be highlighting local creatives to encourage you on your journey to unlocking creativity in your life. Check back often as we will continually add new stories. 




The Fathers Heart

Singer-Songwriter Amanda Davis


To sing the Father’s heart,

to keep close enough to feel

His pulse & promise.

Vocal chords & guitar chords

& desires—corded together

in a braid of audible beauty.

To pull a song from heaven

& hear it on earth.


To fret the highs & lows of days.

To hum a melody of delight.

This is the sharing of self—

becoming selves. Plural-ling

this single song sung

by a world of voices.



about the artist

Amanda Davis was born in Mobile, Alabama and raised in Medford, Oregon on seven acres. She grew up with her parents and four brothers, always seeking adventure over playing it safe. She began singing at age two, and at age five, she sang in front of her first crowd—a crowd of a thousand. A few years later, her father taught her how to play the guitar, with plenty of inspiration from James Taylor and Cat Stevens, whose music informed her own sound. She started spending hours at a time composing songs in the folk and blues style. Amanda’s entire family is musical; everyone sings and plays an instrument. In fact, the family name “Davis” derives from “Son of David.” Music is in their family line. And that family expands this spring; Amanda is engaged marry Emmitt Bateman, and they will begin a new adventure together, with plenty of new songs to be written. 




creative collaboration

With ax & hammer, 

with lathe & knife,

the tree is reborn a table. 

With each other, 

a first idea burls 

into a better one—

shared & witnessed

& grown like the tree 

into something 

taller than its seed.

With the grain,

is the ease of seeing

the sap-heart of potential.

With others, we build

a world to share,

from which to grow

new beauty.


about the artist

Thomas Petersen is a native of the Pacific Northwest and grew up in the South Puget Sound. His life is a continuing story of re-creation. He has worked as a lifeguard, a volunteer firefighter, and an EMT. Thomas is now practicing the art of woodworking in Medford, Oregon, where he founded the Teleó Collaborative. When he sees a fallen tree, he wonders what it could next become. And with each piece of wood he uses, he invites its shape and nature to guide its placement. He enjoys creating commissioned work and the questions that arise with each project: What will it be for? Who will it serve? How? He follows the inspiration.