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Finding Water

So many of us have been through the gauntlet in the past 2 years. It may have pressed you in every single place in your life- mentally, emotionally, relationally, politically, financially, culturally….  There have been days that broke your heart, stretched you thin, demanded so much of you…days you may have wanted to throw in the towel or retreat to an old way of living. These days have weathered us, for some they have been exposing where we have stored up healthy habits, or perhaps where we have negative ones that aren’t serving us.

Wherever you landed these past 2 years, we have all been exposed in our patterns, our capacity or lack of it! We are seeing what we are made of, and most of us are finding we need upgrades in our internal systems in order to keep going.

There is a phenomenon in nature that speaks to these kind of dry difficult moments of our lives. Plants found in the desert have found a way to withstand the elements and to thrive in any condition and keep growing.

Succulents actually survive extremely hot and dry conditions by storing up water in their fleshy leaves and stems. They essentially “hoard” water in all their parts, for the the times they will need to use it the most.

What does it look like for us to store water in our internal worlds? Water that we can draw on when we are emotionally, mentally, relationally dry? What does it look like to develop a capacity to grow our root systems and find water in any weather?

And then there’s the profound ability of Air Plants. They don’t require roots because they are capable of absorbing water from the air. How incredible! When we’ve been uprooted, are we able to draw out life and a source of strength from around us, even in harsh conditions?

What is a source of “water” that you have stored up and are drawing from in this season? Where are you finding water despite harsh circumstances in your life? What areas of your life are depleted and needing an upgrade in your holding tank for seasons to come?

“….But if anyone drinks the living water I give them, they will never be thirsty again. For when you drink the water I give you, it becomes a gushing fountain of the Holy Spirit, flooding you with endless life!” -Jesus, John 4:14 TPT

The water of life, Himself, is waiting to meet you this week, wherever you find yourself.

with love,

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