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When God Turn Seas Into Highways

Happy Thanksgiving Living Waters Family! 

As we come upon the holiday season, how is everyone doing?  This year has been a doozy!  So many things have taken our attention along with our energy and time as we have faced all the ups and downs that have taken place.  

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time for family and friends to gather together, eat yummy food and reflect on the things we are thankful for.  I don’t know about you, but this year I need to do this more than in years past.  I need to get my eyes off of what I can see, off the loss I have experienced and the heartache and pain that has taken place over the past 11 months – and I need to speak out the things that I am thankful for.  

I keep thinking about the Israelites being led out of Egypt.  They were in slavery for over 100 years and God sends in Moses to lead them out of slavery into the promise land.  As they are fleeing Egypt and Pharaoh and all his men – they get to the Red Sea and have nowhere to go.  They were going to have to go back into slavery or die out there.  What a hopeless situation.  How defeated they must have felt and disappointed.  Moses is being led by the Lord and does what the Lord tells him to do – He puts his staff in the water and right in front of their eyes the impossible happens.  The sea parts and they (millions of them) walk through on dry land – out of slavery heading to the promises God had for them.  

I don’t think we will ever know what it felt like for the Israelites that day, but I hope that as you think through that story that you can see that God was leading His people in the midst of some very hard and dark times – and even when it seemed impossible and there was no way out, God parted the Red Sea and provided a way out for his people.  My hope is that we would be people that keep our eyes on the Lord and get his perspective of what is happening around us.  Let’s see the good things that God is doing in the midst of 2020 and have thankful hearts that are ready to see the impossible take place.  Let’s be led by Him and not by what we see or the fear that is being handed to us everywhere we go.  

For the past couple weeks I have listened to Brandon Lake’s new album “House of Miracles”, specifically the song Graves into Gardens.  Every time this song comes on in my car I blast it and sing at the top of my lungs.  The bridge says this, 

You turn graves into gardens
You turn bones into armies
You turn seas into highways
You’re the only one who can

In the midst of all that we are facing this year, my challenge to you and to me is to turn our eyes to the Lord and see what He is doing instead of what we see in front of us. Instead of joining in with the grumbling and negative talk that is going on everywhere, let’s speak out what we are thankful for and what we see God doing instead!  And let’s see the Lord turn seas into highways!  

Love you guys!


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  1. So been doing this for the last 3 yrs and i have had more angelic experiences and witnessed more miracles than in previous years..God is in everything when we co labor with Heaven.