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One of the Greatest Lessons I’ve ever Learned

One of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned with Jesus is to simply give Him my “Yes”. So often my thought process in life carries a pressure to build up knowledge, expertise, experience before I decide to follow Jesus into a new season or place.   

While there is something to be said for preparation or counting the cost, those things many times become an excuse to withhold my “yes” to Him.

Over the last few weeks I have had the joy to be able to touch base with our crew of Living Waters Missionaries – Ben Briesmeister, Anthony McGarity, Juliatta Longiotti and Skip/Janice Robinson.   

During our conversations I have been so inspired by their heart of adventure in following Jesus all over the world. They are loving people and sharing Jesus in Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Jamaica, Kansas City and here at home. But even more inspiring than their individual experiences and unique gift/tools, it’s the powerful “yes” to Jesus that keeps popping up in their stories. 

It’s a “yes” that receives the love of the Father
It’s a “yes” that acknowledges  His goodness and kindness
It’s a “yes” that recognizes His majesty and authority 
It’s a “yes” that fit for every circumstance of every day
It’s a “yes” that feels familiar, like coming home, even when the future is uncertain or unknown 

For me it reminds of that moment when Jesus asked me to follow Him as a 17 year old kid, messy, emotional, classic know-it-all teenager, and I said “yes”. Over the years as I have made big life decisions and daily moments of obedience, I get to re-state that “I’m available” declaration to Him. And like the crew mentioned above, I get launched again and again into the grand story of Redemption and Hope that Jesus ignited in this world.    

We will be celebrating this crew on Sunday as a few of them are home for the start of the year before heading back out. Have a great week with Jesus. See you this weekend.

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