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Foundations of Inheritance

Ryan Rhoden 03/01/2022
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We want to see a family of FULLY ALIVE believers experiencing deep INTIMACY with the Holy Spirit, who are secure in their IDENTITY in Christ, and who rise in their INHERITANCE (from the Father) to express the fullness of the Kingdom in every area of our lives.

Knowing WHO WE ARE and WHO WE BELONG TO is our IDENTITY. Walking it out is OUR INHERITANCE. 

When we speak of inheritance, we are not talking about money or possessions. 

Inheritance isn’t about accumulating, it’s about releasing – All that God is, accessed by faith in Jesus Christ, and made manifest in us AND around us by the indwelling and empowerment of the God’s Spirit – which we steward for His purposes and glory. 

We have been made right with our Father through Jesus Christ. And because we have a father? We have an inheritance.

Where are you finding IDENTITY and establishing your false self in? Watch this week’s teaching and lean into the activation at the end.

Resources mentioned:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – https://amzn.to/3IH4JB2