COVID Gathering Guidelines 

January – April 2021

There is an ever-present tension between following safety guidelines and serving those who need our in-person Sunday gathering. Your desires are important to us; we see you and completely understand! (Hear from Ryan & Kate here)

To accommodate the increase in people and indoor gatherings, we ask everyone to wear a mask during our time together, for ages five and up in all public spaces. Inside our classrooms, children will wear masks as well.

If you attend a public Sunday Gathering, we will do our best to create a safe environment (air filters, hand washing stations, social distancing measures, masks in public spaces, and open-air access), but we cannot guarantee your safety. We expect that individuals attending will follow the safety protocols to the best of their ability while also accepting personal responsibility for their safety and attending at their own risk.

If you cannot or do not desire to follow safety guidelines, please join us online instead! We believe there are multiple ways to connect outside of a Sunday gathering, and we are here ready to help you do just that.

While we are confident in our ability to gather powerfully and safely, the chances of coming into contact with Covid significantly increases while attending a public church gathering. Please consider the risk, and join only if:

  • You have not been sick within the last week

  • You do not have a fever

  • You have not knowingly been in close contact with someone with Covid,

  • You do not have underlying medical risks or other contributing factors that make Covid dangerous for you. (If you are an elder at Living Waters, and need anything, please reach out to us here).

If you are high Covid risk, or someone in your household is, if you work in the medical field, or cannot afford to get Covid because of the economic impact it would have on your life/family (if you need financial assistance, please click here), we see you and value you!

We understand that coming to a public gathering may be outside of the realm of possibility for you at this time, and our heart goes out to you. Please do not think you are second rate or undervalued in this church. We will continue to work diligently through technology to bring community, connection, and content to you! (If you would like someone to reach out to you, please click here, and one of our pastors will be in touch with you!)

While we aren’t meeting at full capacity, we are still very much open and there are so many ways to build connections through your life. If you’d like to serve fire survivors with us, here. Join a community group here. Launch your own “community in a box” here. If you need prayer or personal emotional and spiritual care, reach out to Soul Care ministry here, or for a smaller evening or worship and prayer, come to Abide night with us (here)!

It remains our steadfast commitment to build a hybrid model of church where community groups, online attendance, and in-person attendance are all equally served, resourced and valued. If your primary interaction with Living Waters is attending one of our community groups, or joining us online, you are seen and valued! Being here in person on a Sunday isn’t the highest goal, and we seek to serve you wherever and however you “plug in” to our weekly rhythms.

The highest goal remains helping you answer the question, “what do you look like fully alive in Jesus” right where you are in the middle of this season.


  • We do not believe or operate under the suspicion that the Covid virus isn’t real or shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  • We do not believe that our church is being singled out for persecution because of the safety regulations that have been placed upon us. We stand in solidarity with schools, restaurants, gyms and other local businesses who are also trying their best to function within community health guidelines, (and we will do our part to reduce community spread and move to less restrictive tiers).

We do not find these two statements particularly controversial. We understand that some may disagree, but as we proceed with our Sunday in-person gatherings it’s important to note these statements as they inform how we continue to move forward.

Decisions about gathering and COVID response are also informed by our denominational leadership (here), advisors within the local medical community who attend Living Waters, and our Leadership Council.

If you would like to reach out to the Leadership Council and offer them feedback, your voice is always welcome (here). So much wisdom is a gift, but ultimately it is prayer and seeking the heart of the Father that determines our decisions, as we strive to best serve everyone who calls Living Waters home).

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