Kingdom Kids

Our desire is that each child would encounter Jesus, understand that they have a part to play in releasing the Kingdom of God here on earth, and be empowered to live boldly as disciples of Jesus.

There is no Junior Holy Spirit

Kingdom Kids exist to see kids learn to walk with God from a young age. Beth Moore has said that she didn’t have a salvation experience, rather she had week after week in children’s ministry at Sunday school. That’s the prayer for all the kids attending Kingdom Kids –  that they would understand God’s deep love for them and never remember a life apart from Him. 

The Kingdom Kids team works hard at creating an environment that is safe for kids to practice listening to God’s voice and where taking risks with Jesus is celebrated. Kids are led through a curriculum that gives room for them to both learn about who God is and experience Him personally.

The goal is that kids would experience God by hearing His voice, know him as Healer, and know that His power can move through them no matter how old they are. Kingdom Kids is a ministry for kids from 6mo.-5th grade that meets during our Sunday gathering times.

We are committed to learning about the heart of God through childlikeness.

OUR Core Values


Delighting in His Children

Every Child Matters

Just like Jesus went out of his way for the one, we have an opportunity every week to engage with each kid in a way that says, “who you are matters” and “God delights in you”.

Psalm 149:4


Discovering Childlikeness

Every Child is Unique

We believe that there are things about the heart of God that can only be discovered by being with children. In Matthew 18:3-4, Jesus flipped the cultural paradigm of power upside-down. He spoke of the hope of the Gospel to the poor and hurting, but he specifically identified the importance of children.

Matthew 18:3-4


Dreaming with god

Every Child Has a Purpose

We believe that there are things inside of each child that God has put there. Gifts, talents, passions, and abilities that can be tapped into for the purposes of the Kingdom. It is our privilege to walk with kids as they discover the unique things that lie within them.

Jeremiah 29:11

The Kingdom Kids team works hard at creating an environment that is safe for kids to practice listening to God’s voice and where taking risks with Jesus is celebrated.

Join the team

We know the best way for us to grow back together on a Sunday morning is to relaunch Sunday KINGDOM KIDS classes!

We are happy to announce that Kingdom Kids classes start this weekend, January 31st, allowing more of our families to join us while providing some much needed social and spiritual interaction for our kids! Be sure to RSVP

The first few Sundays back will have a slightly condensed format (K-5th) as we rebuild the team and work within safety measures for our gatherings! When Jackson County moves to a less restricted tier, we will open up more age group options for families (if we have the volunteer team in place to do so!) 

How can you help? The very best way to help us get back to a full slate of Kingdom Kids classes is to jump onto the Kingdom Kids team with us. If you have been on our Kingdom Kids Team in the past or would like to join the team as we launch a fresh season.

Thank you for considering joining our team!

Obviously, we are in a unique season where the reality of Covid and the restrictions in place has many people on our regular Kingdom Kids team unable to serve in their usual volunteer role. Our goal right now is to provide a safe environment where kids can encounter Jesus, have fun social interaction, feel completely welcomed and loved! We cannot do any of that without an incredible volunteer team!

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