Regeneration Youth

Regeneration Youth was born out of a desire to see our youth live free in their God-given design regardless of life circumstances or what others have told them they are or have to be.

Nothing Less than the kingdom

The vision of Regeneration Youth is to see young Kingdom Ambassadors fully operating out of the freedom that Christ brings while partnering with Him in establishing Heaven to this Earth.

We have seen that once a student has been “filled up” with God’s love, truth, grace, mercy, and acceptance that they can then “stand in” their Identities in Christ, which enables them to “pour out” the Kingdom into any atmosphere ultimately leading to the transformation of our city and the nations!

Middle School and High School students meet weekly on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm at the church. We also have a community group for 17-19 years olds every Sunday from 6:00pm-7:30pm at Chadd and Emily’s house. These are unique gatherings that we want our students to feel comfortable inviting their friends to come and hang hang out and encounter God’s presence.

Sometimes these groups will meet in the Youth Bay at the 360 building for games, worship, and a message. Other gatherings, will take place out in the city of Medford exploring fun activities and connecting at their favorite local coffee shops.

Youth Group

Meets Wednesday Nights

6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Middle School & High School

Regen Facebook Group

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Community Group

Meets Monday Nights

6:00pm – 7:30 pm

17 – 19 Years Old

Regenerate – verb- (of a living organism) regrow (new tissue) to replace lost or injured tissue.

Filled Up

We as leaders have a desire to see kids/teenagers living free in their God given design regardless of life circumstances or what others have told them they are or have to be. 

Through consistency of offering weekly youth group nights, special events, and small groups, we know that the planting and watering of these seeds will not turn void and the kingdom of God will continue to grow and transform the world we live in (Matthew 13:31).

Stand In

Matthew 13:44 has been an influential scripture to how we lead the students in Regeneration Youth. We know that God has endless treasures for each student that will give them purpose, direction, and insight to their life on this Earth.

Our approach to leading the students is to inspire them in such a way where they can see displayed what it looks like to have immense joy and childlikeness while abiding by the fierce grace, mercy, discernment, wisdom, and truth that God brings.

We know that once they get a taste of their identity in Christ and how they were designed to operate as a son or daughter of God, that they will see their own life transform right in front of their eyes which will result in them carrying  a divine confidence and authority as their minds are constantly renewed and empowered by our loving God (Romans 12:2)!

Poured Out

Luke 10:3 says “I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves”. We know the reality that we as the Church are in the process of establishing the Kingdom of God on this Earth in the midst of darkness. We don’t take this lightly as leaders and are constantly partnering with God in how to impart the knowledge and truth that we are the light and peace in the midst darkness.

We consistently bring to the forefront of their minds that as believers even though we face wolves that we will not be devoured, we will have life in abundance because of the victory Christ brings through us (John10:10) and will continue to show that we are destined to bring the peace, love, and truth of the Unshakable Kingdom into every circumstance and in any atmosphere until the victory manifests and silences the powers, authorities, and principalities of darkness! (Ephesians 6:12)

We know that students will operate as Kingdom influencers at their schools and marketplace which will transform the city that we live in!

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