Summer 2021

ReGen Youth Update

From Ryan & Kate! 


Our ReGen Youth ministry team continues to do a great job! The last season has brought some intense challenges, but this group of volunteer leaders has continually shown up for our teenagers however they can! As a result, we are seeing a growing group of kids taking shape throughout 2021 who are thankful for the places they can gather and be more intentional about their relationship with Jesus! 

Thank you to Chadd & Emily Noland, Chris and Tess Faust, Shiloh Mantzuranis, Indi Hayes, and Tony Gerling! We are blown away at how well you have brought youth ministry out of 2020, and we are excited for the great things that are ahead!

 If you missed the last update on Chadd and Emily’s role and the emphasis on a volunteer leadership model for our youth ministry, please feel free to catch up here:

If you’d like to join the team, please reach out to Kim at [email protected] or follow this link: (We especially need ladies who want to invest in the youth, and can flex with your schedule to make it work!)


Just for the sake of clarity heading into summer, the ages of our Wednesday Night Youth Gathering is kids going into 6th grade thru those going into 11th grade. For our students who are between 17 and 19 years old, we have an awesome gathering every other Friday night at Chadd & Emily’s house called “1719”. 


Through the summer our ReGeneration Youth gatherings will switch to bi-weekly. We encourage families to take advantage of the summer after a long and taxing school year to enjoy time together! God is doing a deep work in families and we believe that this summer will be powerful for us to focus on being together, growing together, and walking out our faith in and around our home and lives. 

Kate and I believe that church should not be the main cadence, but rather a drumbeat that accompanies and accentuates the rhythm of our lives. We want our boys to be in youth group as often as possible, but we also find they desire time with us – adventuring, exploring and bonding as a family by spending time together. 

Personally, as pastors, and as parents, we have also noticed a tendency and temptation toward returning to over-filling schedules as we step out of Covid, and we want to push back on that this summer! Connecting on a small scale with family, friends, having a night free for Community Group, heading to the river, or relaxing at home can create a healthy life rhythm and will make the nights we do have youth group more impactful for everyone involved. 

We believe young people will come more consistently and be more engaged by following a bi-weekly schedule through July and August. 

While we will have a few less Wednesday night gatherings in the summer, we will also be adding in some specific day trips and summer activities for the youth, so keep on the lookout for those! 


Sunday Mornings we continue to intentionally bring our ReGen Youth into our gathering with us at 10am. It is a value that we are embracing right now and we love having our youth with us on Sundays for several reasons. One, it is great for them to know that they are a part of what we are doing and it challenges us as a teaching team to include and engage with young people. 

As former youth pastors for more than 10 years, we believe that young people will rise up to the faith environment they are in! We also believe that families that worship together, dads and moms who engage with God in a public gathering set a healthy precedent for their kids. 

Kate and I want our kids to see us worship, minister, and be impacted emotionally by the Lord and this community of people, and having them with us on Sundays allows that to take place. Sundays are for families, and we believe that sometimes we worry too much about segmenting every age group off to their area instead of asking “what does a family look like fully alive in Jesus?’ Bring your middle schooler. Bring your high schooler. Engage with them, sit with them, include them. Talk with them about what they felt, saw and heard afterward. Ask them “what was God showing you” or “what stood out to you?” You will be profoundly surprised at how much more they are taking in than you realize! 

One final positive I’ll bring up about including the youth on Sundays is that some will want to serve others. We’d love to have them on the First Impressions team, worship team, or in Kingdom Kids. As a young person, I came alive in my faith when I got to serve, so we want to make sure that pathway to connection and impact is clear for them as well! If they want to jump on any team mentioned above, start by emailing Kim and she will help get them moving forward on a serving team. 

If you have a jr. high or hi schooler who would like to help in Kingdom Kids, please let us know, and bring them by 9:45am on Sunday to the Kingdom Kids area. Our team will meet with them and assign them areas to be “jr. helpers”. (We always have two adults in every classroom, even when there may be plenty of extra jr. helpers to step in. Our policy is and will continue to be two fully vetted adults per classroom). 

Upcoming 1719 Dates
(Fridays at 7pm, 3078 Freeland Rd, Central Point):

June 18th
June 25th
July 9th
July 23rd
Aug. 6th
Aug. 20th

Upcoming ReGen Youth Gatherings:
Note: Summer hours will be longer. Wednesdays at 6:00-8:30pm, 360 Building – 360 E. Jackson, Medford)

June 16th
June 23rd
July 7
July 21
Aug 4
Aug 18

ReGen Summer Camp ‘21 

Last year we didn’t get to do a summer camp, and we are still bummed about that. That’s why we’re so excited to be able to provide a summer camp this year! It will be an experience that is life-changing for our youth, and affordable for families! 

Summer camps are so often the place where kids can get away and be themselves and encounter Jesus. We love the way camp creates several days of “uninterrupted time” for teens – away from the familiar, comfortable, no phones, video games, chores, siblings, and family stresses, to unwind and let walls come down as Holy Spirit does a work in their hearts!  

Dates – August 6th-8th

Location – Noland’s Property

Who – ReGen Youth, those who are going into 6th grade up to 17 years old.

Cost and further details coming soon!

Chris & Tess

We have loved having Chris and Tess Faust serve in youth ministry for over 2 years. Each of them brings something unique to our youth, and they have built incredibly meaningful relationships with them over the years. In September, Tess is stepping into several new endeavors, and while they are exciting, they also mean that her time on the ReGen Youth Ministry team is wrapping up. 

In September, Chris and Tess will be stepping down as volunteers to focus on some rad stuff that she is stepping into with Lu and Shantell and Drop Gym! Tess will continue to be a huge part of the leadership of this church and influence the youth ministry in her ongoing role on Living Waters’ leadership council. We celebrate and honor them for all they have done to impact the lives of kids and families in this house!! 

Thank you Chris and Tess!

And thank you for reading this update! We appreciate you and the opportunity and trust you allow Living Waters’ team to love on your kids. It’s an honor and a privilege, and we continually strive to create environments where kids are safe, known, and can connect to Jesus! 

– Ryan & Kate

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