Regeneration Youth Update

Greetings! You are receiving this update because you have a kid in our 6th-12th grade ReGeneration Youth Ministry. Kate and I wanted to fill you in on some changes coming soon for our Youth Department.


During this last season, God has led Chadd & Emily to step out of paid full-time ministry to pursue bi-vocational ministry. They will remain with us 100%, leading our youth as volunteers along with Tess and Chris Faust, and other leaders around them, while also building up their side business Redefined Furniture (Shameless plug!). 

Throughout COVID, Chadd and Emily, and their team have consistently worked to keep our Youth Ministry going, and it has grown! The day-to-day youth ministry load has shifted and created more space in their schedule to consider something like this, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! God has enabled them to purchase a great home with shop space and some property to build their business and pursue their dreams of being missionaries to youth through a bi-vocational lifestyle.

We love Chadd and Emily, and we fully support their decision. We know how much they love our church, our team, and the youth God has brought into their lives as the Youth Pastors here. While we never enjoy a change to our team or the challenges that come with it, we’ve watched them diligently seek the Lord’s leading, and we know God is in this. He will work to accomplish far more for our kids, our church, and the Noland’s through this decision. 


We are so excited for kids to be heading back to school! We wish it were much sooner, but to see some positive change is hopeful for what the Spring will look like! We know these months have been particularly challenging for teens! Our youth ministry leaders have worked diligently to figure out how to serve our kids best in a challenging time. In seeking the Lord for fresh direction in 2021, we believe God has shown us a solution for the remainder of this COVID season. We will be making a change to help consolidate our time, team, and efforts to engage our youth in meaningful nights of fun, relationship, and ministry by combining into one “Youth Group” night instead of two. 

ReGeneration Youth Group will be meeting on Wednesday nights for ages 11-16, from 6:00-7:30 pm, BEGINNING FEBRUARY 10th. Each night will have some food, hang out time, games and fun, worship and teaching, and age-specific breakout groups (Jr. High girls, High School girls, Middle School boys, High School boys) for discussion and prayer with a youth leader. 

We will intentionally teach simple messages encouraging personal growth in their relationship with Jesus and understanding the Word (ReGen “themes” here…), shifting more in-depth topics to age-appropriate settings, workshops with parents, and creating video content for parents to watch with their kids on their own time.

We believe that the consolidated group gathering will bring it into a healthy season and allow the youth volunteer team to work together on a specific night to make a great, well-rounded experience for each kid who comes! It will be a fun environment where kids who are part of the Living Waters family can grow in their relationship with Jesus, and also a place that will be so alive and life giving that they’ll want to invite their friends!


ReGeneration Community Group (for ages 17-19) at the Noland’s house Tuesday nights from 6-7:30, beginning March 2nd. As the Wednesday Night youth group consolidates from two nights/age groups (Sunday High School and Wednesday Middle School) to just Wednesday, the focus will be shifted to a broader emphasis on a wide age group of kids. 

We recognize that this could leave our older Juniors and Seniors feeling like it doesn’t fit their needs. Youth Group may be focused on things that won’t resonate with them. They’re working a job, navigating changing relationships and friendships, a shifting dynamic with parents, heading to college or into a career, and all the other things that come with stepping into adulthood. 

Creating an age appropriate Community Group will allow them to engage in an environment conducive to growing their faith alongside other young adults walking through a similar life change (instead of sending them to a youth group where the average age is probably around 13). 

In all of this, remember that as Covid restrictions lift, school restarts next Fall, and the groups grow and change, we will continually reevaluate what is best for our youth! Kate and I are committed to making sure our kids are seen, valued, and loved by Jesus while in the ReGeneration Youth Ministry, and we only empower  and entrust leaders who believe in that vision with us! Our kids are in there with yours, and it matters deeply to all of us to foster the best atmosphere possible for them to grow a deep and meaningful relationship with God alongside awesome mentors, and friends.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Chadd & Emily ([email protected]), or us ([email protected]).

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