Soul Care

We believe heart connection creates space for inner healing which leads to intimacy with Christ. Knowing who He is and receiving who He says we are is such a powerful step in discovering a life “Fully Alive” – your inheritance.

Inviting God into your story

Soul Care is a Ministry that you can utilize for prayer or short term pastoral counseling whenever you need.

Our Soul Care team is an incredible group of leaders and volunteers who are trained in prayer and counseling techniques, so they can meet with people and lead people into freedom in Jesus – heart, mind, and body.

If you desire to walk in health, wholeness and freedom in your life with Christ and find deeper connection with your heart, you found the right place. We have a team of people prepared and ready to partner with you on this journey.

Pastoral Care Support

There are many seasons in life when we could greatly benefit by talking through the complexities and difficulties with another person, especially someone with perspective, wisdom, or experience. 

Our pastoral support team is experienced in addressing issues of brokenness, difficulty, and pain. Each team member is committed to you in your journey, offering a Spirit led, safe, and secure environment to process these difficult seasons. As your story unfolds, our goal is that you leave each meeting having encountered connection with your heart, and feeling empowered and encouraged in your healing process.

Our pastoral support team does not take the place of a professional counselor or therapist, although some do have advanced degrees in the field; rather this is a place to seek resolution for issues before they become large and complex.

All appointments remain confidential.  Generally, engaging with these seasons of your journey may you may desire several ongoing appointments. There are fees for ongoing appointments. These fees are not tax deductible and go to offset the cost of the Soul Care ministry.

Prayer Support

Our prayer support providers, a team of volunteers, provide a place to bring your burdens, despair, fear, pain, or requests to a place of encounter with the Lord in prayer. 

Each provider believes in the power of prayer, and the movement of the Holy Spirit in prayer. Gifted with wisdom, discernment, and faith, you will be able to share your concerns in a safe and secure environment.

These meetings are generally not “ongoing” like the Pastoral Support Meetings, and shorter in length (30-50 minutes).  These meetings are provided by our team as a good starting point, and have no fee or requirement.   

We are certain that God desires to begin a good work IN you – and HE is the one who is FAITHFUL to complete it WITH you.

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