Relief is needed now. Recovering and rebuilding comes next. Large organizations that do incredible work are coming, and have already arrived, to provide relief and aid. When they leave, I believe our community as a whole will be ready to help people walk the road of recovery and rebuilding. We rise together.

the Church In ACtion

Our hearts are heavy to see our city devastated by fire but when tragedy strikes, though pain fills our heart at the loss our community, family, and friends have gone through, we CHOOSE to see an OPPORTUNITY to overcome. We face despair with hope; devastation with ACTION.

Our Warehouse

We are using our building as an easy, centralized drop off location. One side serves as a relief & support center and the other as a distribution center intaking small donations from people and truckloads from many organizations.


Monday -Thursday at 9am – 5pm 
Friday at 9am – 2pm


Monday – Wednesday at 1pm – 5pm 
Thursday at 1pm – 3pm
Closed Friday – Sunday

Pathways of Participation

We have created a pathway for you to take part of in our valley’s rising.


The Giving Initiative

We are extending our “Giving Initiative Fund” we started due to COVID to help individuals and families who have been displaced or otherwise impacted by the fires.


NOMINATE someone

Nominate someone in need. We are giving finances, but we are also giving connection, compassion and a little hope through each gift.


Donate Items

To those who have lost so much. Please bring items to help us stock our Relief Center, such as non-perishable food items, laundry detergent, body wash/shampoo/conditioner, liquid hand soap, dish soap, new sheet sets, new pillows, small kitchen items, and new clothes/shoes. For a complete list, refer to the table below.


Volunteer your time

To help in our Relief Center! We are the church in action. When you partner your time, energy, and passion with ours, we can impact our community for Jesus!

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