The Giving Intiative

Anything given into “The Giving Initiative” will go directly to help those directly affected by the recent fires through our Fire Relief Center. We will also continue to The Giving Initiative to help those hit hardest by the economic downturn due to the fires, and/or shutdowns and restrictions our local and State government have put in place during COVID. Monies donated will not go to Living Waters Church operations budget or payroll

Get Relief. Give Relief.

Empathy and generosity are two major indicators of a healthy community. When Jesus is central to a group of people, the values selflessness, sacrifice, and care for others skyrocket.

As we head into 2021 let’s reach out for those in need around us! If you have friends or family facing economic hardship due to COVID and subsequent restrictions or the recent fires, please remember that you can nominate them for financial assistance through Living Waters’ Giving Initiative.

In these difficult times we believe that our church can provide tangible hope by lending a hand up to those encountering financial turbulence. We understand that the loss of job, a business, and financial security impacts all areas of life, including emotional and psychological well-being.

By nominating and connecting someone with us so we can call them, learn their story, pray with and support them with a small financial gift,  we have the ability can change someone’s entire life and outlook!

Nominate Someone Who Needs Financial Assistance

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