Ladies Spring Retreat

Location: Bandon, Oregon
Meeting Location: The “Barn” Conference and Community Center
Dates: April 26th & 27th, 2024

20 of us gathered in Bandon last year, and it was one of the best weekends we have had with this community of Ladies – So we are doing it again!!  Grab some girlfriends and be part of this weekend away.


Before registering, please read ALL of the following to know how we are doing things for this retreat.

We ask that no one come on their own but that you would come with at least one other person, if not a group of ladies.  Maybe it is a small group from Awakening Hearts or Face to Face – or a bible study group you are involved in.  We know that some of you may not know some of the ladies from LW, and you want to get connected.  We love that, and we have some groups that have open space for you to join them – so just let us know if that is you.  Email [email protected] if that is the case, and we will get you connected with a group that has open spots.

We are asking that no one ride to Bandon on their own but that the “retreat” would start the second you leave Medford until you arrive back home.  We believe there is a lot of value in the time spent together and going away with other women, and we tend to grow closer on car rides and sharing space with one another.  That is our hope for this retreat.

We have rented the conference center, but your group will need to find lodging for the weekend.  There are many different options for you to stay.  Here are a few that you can check out:

Best Western Inn at Face Rock:

Windermere on the Beach

Sunset Oceanside Lodging

Or you can look into an Airbnb or VRBO with a group of you to find a house to rent.

We ask that you would attend all of the sessions.  We are starting at 3 PM on Friday and have a few things for that evening and then all day Saturday through to the evening.  Every session we have will be built off the others, so it is important that you attend all the sessions.   We know this might limit some, but we also know the importance of what we are feeling led to do – so if you work on Fridays, please make sure you have that time off and are able to be at the conference center by 3 PM.  There is a chance we might meet up on Sunday morning, but that will be optional.  Once we get the schedule set, we will make sure anyone registered will get that information.

We are charging $60 for attendance.  That fee will help pay for the conference center and a few other things we have planned for you.  We know that is a little more than last year, but we have calculated the cost, and with all that we are planning, it will be totally worth it.  Let Kim know if you need help with that fee.

If you or your group has space for a few more women to join you, please let us know.  We want to make sure that anyone who wants to come is connected with a group before you register.  Adding more to your group also allows you to find a bigger place for less cost.

Listen, we know that being with a whole lot of ladies for a weekend can be a lot.  We also know that being with ladies for a few days is so good for each of us – we see this every year at Face to Face.  That being said, we are also going to have some set times where you get the choice to be on your own for some quiet time or maybe with one or two friends – away from larger groups.  We are working on things for all of us to walk away feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for what we face as we get home.

Our team has met, and we feel the Lord inviting us to go deep as we go away for this retreat.  That means we are asking you to be ready to go deep with us.  We have a lot of events that are for us getting to know each other and talking about things that can start us going deep, but this is going to be a whole weekend of us just diving right in and going deep from the beginning.  If that is for you, we want to see you there!!  If you are not there right now, that is totally okay – we love you!!!  We just wanted to put that out there ahead of time so that you know what you are getting into.

If all of the above works for you, please register soon so that we can start planning for the amount of women attending.  Thank you!!

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Apr 26 - 28 2024


All Day



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Kim Butcher


Kim Butcher
[email protected]

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    1. Ali, thank you for reaching out. This retreat is suited for ladies attending Living Waters and wanting to build deeper relationships with other ladies in our community. For awhile now we have done conference style gatherings and those have been great for getting to know other ladies and to learn more about the Lord and build relationship with Him, but going away on a retreat, we are not going to spend a lot of time with ladies “getting to know each other” because we are asking that you would come in groups and spend your time on your trip to the retreat doing that – then when you attend the sessions at the retreat, we are going to just dive right in to the deep in when it comes to our relationship with the Lord. When we say going deep, we are going to give you prompts for places to dig into in your relationship with the Lord. We are going to challenge you to get out of comfort zone and follow His leading. We are going to challenge you to be vulnerable with the ladies you are attending the retreat with. We are going to not have a lot of “surface level” or “kiddy pool” things we are doing that weekend because we feel that we do a lot of that on the weekly basis in our classes we offer for the ladies – so this weekend is going to be a group of women getting real with where they are with the Lord and getting out of comfort zones and strengthening their walk with Him. Hope that makes sense.