What Do You Look Like Fully Alive in Jesus?

Intimacy • Identity • Inheritance

Our heart is that you would experience deep intimacy with God through the Holy Spirit, fully express your identity in Christ, and live empowered in your inheritance from the Father.

Who We Are


We are a Kingdom Embassy developing “sent ones” who have been refreshed, renewed and released into our local communities as change agents and ambassadors of the King.

Sunday Gatherings

Our Sundays are a celebration of all that God is and all that he’s doing in and through us.


We invite you to further your connection with us by getting involved in our ministries.


One of the a great way to participate in what we are doing is by joining one of our events.

Why We Exist

Here at Living Waters Rogue Valley,  we answer the question, “What do YOU look like fully alive in Jesus?”

Our heart is to see people break free from religious bondage and invite them into who the Father intended them to be when He created them – that they could carry and exhibit a life fully reconciled to God through Christ. 

Our heart is that you would continually experience deep intimacy with God through the indwelling life of the Holy Spirit, fully express your identity in Christ, and live empowered in your inheritance from the Father as co-heirs of Christ. 

We believe as a community of people becomes fully alive in Jesus a whole city awakens to her divine-driven purpose – a fully alive city.

Because as He is so also are we in this world. – 1 Jhn 4:17
What We Teach

Encouragements, teachings and messages to help you awaken, grow and rise up to become fully alive in Christ.

We are in a new series called “The Narrow Way” where we will be exploring what it looks like to walk in the invitation of Jesus to live His Way (John 14:6). From the beatitudes, to the garden, to the Cross, and throughout the New Testament, we are taught to live differently than the world around us (Rom. 12:2). We believe that Jesus’ teachings and way of doing life still leads us into a God-filled life is the result that is overflowing with love for God, ourselves, and the world around us. But what does that look like in this modern world? And that’s what the next few months around here will be focused on – a practical, applicable and approachable teaching series that will lead us in “the narrow way”.

How We Live

In John 10:10, Jesus told us that while we may have an enemy who wants to “steal, kill and destroy,” He came to “give life to the fullest, abundant and overflowing!” His heart is that you and I would be “fully alive,” in His infinite, resurrection life that springs from the everlasting well of God — right now and into eternity. 


St. Irenaeus of Lyons was an early church leader near the end of the second century. One of his writings speaks right to the heart of this vision: “The glory of God is man (human) fully alive. If the revelation of God through creation already brings life to all living beings on the earth, how much more will the manifestation of the Father by the Word bring life to those who see God?”

If God is the author of all life, imagine how full your life will be with your eyes and heart focused on Him!


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