We exist because of your giving.

We are thankful that your generous giving allows us to remain a beacon of hope to our families and communities, a lighthouse that continues to guide and direct people away from doubt, fear, and confusion.

Generosity Breaks Fear

In a crisis like this, who are the FIRST RESPONDERS? Obviously, those on the frontlines of the medical side of this virus. 

But, there is another “frontline” of people that are in great need – due to the DISCONNECTION that is happening. We believe Living Waters is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of those who are feeling the brunt of the ISOLATION and LOCKDOWN we are experiencing. This doesn’t have to be a time of fragmenting – and organizations that specialize in connection and creating a healthy community to care for people are needed now more than ever. 

Which is why we are asking you to continue to give into Living Waters during this time. This is an opportunity to confront the lie of fear and panic with radical PEACE and GENEROSITY. Without your giving, Living Waters would have to shut down, but with it, we can expand our reach and resources to bring the LIFE and LIGHT of Jesus to those who need HOPE AGENTS and CONNECTION during this incredibly tough time. 

Partner with us! Give as you are able, and please consider setting up a recurring online donation so that we can continue to support our team and their families and all the direct work they are doing for us. 

To give by check send to 
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