About Us

Our heart is for Living Water to be a Kingdom Embassy developing “sent ones” who have been refreshed, renewed and released into our local communities as change agents and ambassadors of the Kingdom in all spheres of influence. Expanding the Kingdom requires us to see globally while acting locally. 


 Living Waters Church is located at the heart of Medford, in the Rogue Valley. We are a community that exists to be a wellspring of Living Waters that flows from our relationship with Jesus; a community where you can become a part of something and not just attend something.

She is 

giving life to the lifeless,  

hope to the hopeless, 

quenching the thirsty, 

feeding the hungry, 

inspiring innovation and solutions for problems, 

establishing peace where there is chaos, 

calling things which are not, as though they are, 

filling empty spaces with purpose,

living a Christocentric way of life 

so that we can see this great city can become fully alive in Christ. 

And just as Jesus washed feet, we expand the Kingdom with the same heart as our foot-washing, transcendent Servant-King.

The Gospel of the Kingdom, as expressed through Living Waters, infiltrates systems of thinking that are rooted in chaos and injustice. We aim to relieve the trauma in individuals, families, workplaces, and cities through the Spirit of God, who brings healing, justice, mercy, and redemption to all things.

Who we are called to be for our city

To be a “Religious Detox Center”

Where those who have been overly churched, disengaged, disenfranchised, or deeply wounded – can heal, find hope and joy restored, and return their yes to Jesus – in an environment free from performance, judgment, coercion, comparison, or competition.


Where we will continually believe for miraculous and supernatural healing in people’s lives – physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual.

TO BE A Kingdom embassy

Raising and sending out ambassadors (those who serve the King and carry the Kingdom) who are EQUIPPED and EMPOWERED to (creatively and uniquely) demonstrate the Kingdom, and advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our city and region.

TO BE A “Beth-El”

A gate of heaven, house of God, a temple of the Holy Spirit. First individually and then collectively, where the context of the part is the whole. Each of us are living stones that build the dwelling place of God.

TO BE A New Covenant People

In Christ, God is creating “one new humanity,” diverse yet united. Racial and cultural diversity, economic and background diversity are possible because Christ has become our peace removing the dividing wall of hostility.

TO BE A Kingdom Collective

A valley-wide network of home churches and community groups that gather together corporately to fulfill the call on our lives to build people and allow God to build His church.

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