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A Simple Question

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about you?  Have you ever spent any time asking Him?  This past week as I was sitting down with the Lord, I was reading an article in the Cultivate magazine that we just gave out to all the ladies attending Awakening Hearts.  The article was called “A Simple Question.”  In the article, the girl writing said that she once asked the Lord the simple question, “God, if I were a tree, what kind of tree would I be?”  Immediately she received an answer and what the Lord shared with her, and as she researched the tree, it changed her life.  It spoke to her heart, and she was moved by the Holy Spirit.  

This got me intrigued.  What if I asked God this simple question or a different question?  What would He say to me?  So I thought about it for a minute and then I asked quickly, “Lord, what do you love most about me?”  The answer was immediate, and it was a word I would never use to describe myself or a word I would ever use, for that matter. As I looked up the meaning of the word, I was blown away.  Not only did it resonate with my heart and who I would hope to be in my life, but He started to tell me ways in which this word applies to my life.  I started writing down things that He was saying, and I felt so loved.  Does he see that in me?  I didn’t know if anyone sees that in me, but He does!  Does he love that about me?  As I sat to think about it, I think it is something that I love about me too.  

So many things are happening in our lives each day.  We are saying we are so busy with life, and that can be a true statement, but I think we need to give the Lord a little space to tell us what He sees in our lives.  We need to get his perspective and His heart for us as we move out into our crazy busy and full lives.  Knowing what the Father thinks of us builds our confidence and removes the worry and fear of what others may think about us.  

When I was a little girl, I had curly brown hair and huge glasses.  I was an awkward kid, and I felt it fully.  Even being an awkward kid, I remember my dad telling me almost daily how beautiful he thought I was.  He saw past my awkward and big glasses and saw the true me, his daughter.  Do you know what happened as he said I was beautiful?  What happened was that I believed him.  I knew what my dad said about me, and I didn’t care so much what others thought or even what I thought about myself.  It gave me the confidence to face the world.  

I think all of us could use some encouragement and insight into what our Heavenly Father says about us and sees in us.  I think it is important for us to know this as we walk out of our lives and face all that is before us.  Take a minute and ask him a simple question.  You can use my question or ask him something on your own.  Once you hear him, look it up!  Find out what it means, and let it land in your heart!  He wants to share His heart of love for you with you. 

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