A Well of God’s Spirit

Last weekend, I had the joy of being in a powerful moment of prayer and worship at Upperroom, Dallas. This place has been saturated with with hours and years of continuous prayer and worship. While I was in that rich atmosphere, people worshipping in total freedom — singing, dancing, shouting, weeping, being still, and encountering Jesus — I was so deeply moved and things that had felt heavy or complicated in my thinking completely shifted. I asked Jesus what it is about these kind of atmospheres that is so powerful for the human spirit?

Cultivating an Atmosphere of Worship

Immediately, I felt God began to show me an unraveling picture to describe what spaces like this can do. I felt Him speak to my heart how His presence on an exponential level lifts the heavy yoke on our minds and cultural understanding, and aligns us with Heaven’s reality.  I felt like He showed me that atmospheres of worship like this one are like great cisterns, where we each come with our individual well of worship that we have dug alone with God in the secret place. When we come to a corporate gathering with other believers (whether it’s our living room, a car, or a church)  we all bring our wells, and from there we pour out our love and praise to God. The room gets filled with this deluge of flowing water, and His spirit rides on the praises of His people (Psalm 22). His Spirit, like a river, comes rushing out of our individual wells combining into wave after wave of glory — and we all get drenched!  In this place, there is an anointing that is greater than what we can sometimes access individually, because it is the exponential combination of all of our histories with God and Jesus can be more wholly seen when His body comes together in unity. In these moments you and I are not drinking from our own wells anymore, we’re actually being affected, refreshed, and catapulted by the wells of those around us and Jesus’ inhabiting presence.

A Well of Worship in Southern Oregon

Before I left those 3 days in the prayer room, I felt like God showed me that there is a well of worship in Southern Oregon, waiting to be tapped. I felt the Lord said to me something like “It’s yours if you want it.” I knew He was speaking that invitation directly to our community.

I want to invite you today to become spiritual drills with me — that together we would dig our own wells, and commit to coming together to see the well of God’s spirit poured out in our community, and in our region.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:37-38

I look forward to worshipping together again this Sunday as Andy shares more on Why We Worship, and next week at ABIDE -our monthly night dedicated to cultivating this kind of powerful worship and prayer together.

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