Announcing The Central Food Park

We have had a somewhat “secret” project in the works for a while, the “Central Food Park.” Central Food Park will be a place for the broader community of Medford to come together around food, small business, and the opportunity for a better food truck area in our city. In 2020, we purchased a large tent and converted some of our parking lots into a gathering area due to the need to meet outside. Along with the tent, we added the ability to have sound and lighting and a “grass” area. When we no longer needed that space to meet, we shifted our focus to building the space into a top-notch food and gathering for food trucks to set up shop and draw people together for lunch and dinner. With the covered area, grass area, stage for live music and entertainment, as well as the incredible lighting, room for parking, and access off of Central Avenue, we believe there is potential for this area to eventually rival some of the Food Truck areas we have all visited in cities like Eugene, Portland and Bend – where it isn’t just a place to grab a quick bite to go and head back to the office, but becomes a place where people gather for meals and time together with friends, family, and community.

The Central Food Park will launch in earnest in the Spring of 2024, but as we ramp up, we are excited to invite you to watch as the area develops and events take place in the weeks and months ahead. Our first food truck, Double B Wings will be out there beginning this Wednesday, July 19th! Come out and get some wings and welcome them in! It’ll be so fun to have a place to eat and “fellowship” together on Sundays after our gatherings right on our own property!

We cannot wait for you to see this area develop with us! If you know anyone who owns a food truck that exudes our vision for healthy small businesses and a thriving community in the heart of our city, send them our way!

– Ryan & Kate

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