The Sacredness of the Mundane cover

The Sacredness of the Mundane

Is it mundane that the sunrises and sets every day?
Is it mundane that we breathe in and breathe out?
Is it mundane that we eat, we drink, we sleep?

Or that the moon rotates around the earth?
Or that the earth revolves around the sun?
Or the stars continually shine in the night sky?

Why would we?

At the very least, they function to keep us alive.
At the very most, they are there to show us the importance of rhythm.

What we think as mundane is nothing more than rhythm void of purpose.
But rhythm anchored in purpose embraces process, cultivates creativity, and ignites revelation.

Just like a tree rooted and grounded. It’s rested.
From the time it was in seed form all the way until it becomes a massive tree.

It never left.
It never strived.
It never looked to be something else it wasn’t.
It never questioned who it was.

All it did was embrace the process of being.
All it did was immerse itself into the rhythm of creation.

From the sunrises to the sunsets.
From the rainstorms to the droughts.
From the snowfalls to its last leaf on its branch.

Through the cycle of seasons.
And the wildness of nature,
Here the beauty of life,

Here we embrace who we are.

From the smallest of faith like that of a mustard seed, this incorruptible seed that has been deposited within us will grow to a massive tree where birds will make its nest.

You see the Branch has no concept of hunger, lack, or need as long as it is conected to the Vine.

So even in the midst of dryness when all we can feel is the scorching heat; or in the season of winter when all our leaves are gone and all we feel is the frigidity of the cold, we are never without the Vine.

We can trust, we can be at peace, we can be still in the mundane and in the rhythm because the Abundant One lives within and His grace is sufficiently enough.

As we can’t separate ourselves from the air we breathe is the Spirit that’s been joined with ours.

So let’s plant our feet.
And ground our being.
And take our stance,
And anchor our spirits.

Here we embrace the process of being.
We immerse ourselves into the rhythm of creation.
Never questing who we are.

Because as the sunrises and the sunsets.
As the rain pours and the heat comes.
As the snow falls and the wind blows.

Through the cycle of seasons,
And the wildness of nature,
Here the beauty of life,

The sacredness of the mundane is revealed through it’s purpose,
And rhythm grounded in purpose is where real rest is found.

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