Our Last Sunday Morning Live-Streamed Gathering

Sunday, March 5th, will be our last Sunday morning live-streamed gathering. To our Livestream and Production Team: We thank you for how quickly you got us up and running and how diligently you have served over the last two years. Your skill and sacrifice allowed people who could not attend in person to connect with God and us. We celebrate you in every testimony we hear from people blessed by our live-streamed gathering.

When we set out, our goal was to create multiple connection pathways for people within the larger Living Waters community. We wanted those watching to feel as much a part of what God was doing as those in the room. I believe we accomplished that so many times throughout this journey!

For those who have been a part of our Sunday mornings through the Livestream, we hope you have experienced the presence of God with us no matter where you are. You are the reason we invested and built the livestream to gather us together from many different places.

The primary catalyst for the decision to stop the livestream for a season is the health and longevity of our production team and to continue to steward a healthy environment of worship, both from the stage and behind the scenes. It has been increasingly difficult and demanding for our volunteers to produce the livestream. When the stress level to “produce” a livestream isn’t cohesive with the peace level we profess to carry as a church, it is time to rest and recalibrate.

A time off to grow and train the team, and to allow our diligent and faithful volunteers to enjoy the atmosphere and space they are helping to create and steward, is vital.

To our livestream “congregation,” we are thinking of you in this decision. We will continue to record our Sunday messages and post them on Mondays for you, but we want our connection to be deeper than that. If you are able and local, consider rejoining us in person. God is doing something exceptional and tangible in our midst right now, and we would love for you to be a part of it. For those unable to join us in person due to health issues, caring for loved ones, work schedule, distance, or any other reason, please consider this your invitation to connect with us so we can make sure you feel grafted into Living Waters now and into the future when the Livestream returns.

Please fill the form below that is for you to let us know who you are and where you are watching our livestream from. This will allow us to move you toward other points of connection, classes, resources, tools, and opportunities to plug into our community no matter where you are.

We love you and are so thankful for you!

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