The Worry Stories 

A few weeks back after a long day of work, coupled with home life and some relational struggles, I was left pretty depleted.  It was finally time to go to sleep but I hadn’t been able to catch up with Andrea (my wife) yet.  So after the kids are tucked in and the house buttoned up, we sat together to retell the stories of the day.  

Andrea, being a teacher, shared the ups and downs of 1st grade.   She shared her honest and heartfelt hopes for the kids and their families.   She is perfectly made to be a teacher.  It comes naturally to her.  Though she had worries and struggles ahead she seemed content to just be in the moment and share the day.

Then it came to Andy’s turn…

I did not want to share my day, or my thoughts on family items, or discuss plans for the week.  Something in me was so riled up that I just wanted to spew all of my worries and frustrations out on the table.   I proceeded to complain about outcomes that weren’t happening, vocalized in a negative light the pressures I was feeling, exclaiming how nothing was going to work out…and on and on.  

Not my best moment for sure.   I’m pretty sure Andrea saw the writing on the wall and decided a healthy conversation was not going to happen and we both went to sleep.  

The next day I woke up and felt the hangover of my words and emotions from the night before.   In that space of a new day, Holy Spirit began to show me Jesus’ mercy and kindness.  He walked me into the “Worry” stories I was telling myself and helped me to strip away the anxiety to get to the roots of the matter.   The truth was I simply felt alone.    I was believing in a future story where I had written out Jesus.   In that space He reminded me, I am with you and I won’t leave you.   

Well duh…kinda basic right?

Isn’t that the weird thing about worry?  

Worry can easily become a self perpetuating cycle.  I can form entirely new chapters of my life around those anxious thoughts, isolating me from the truth.  I can even try to invite others into that story, asking them to conclude the same things about my life.  

That morning, the only thing that changed for me was hearing from Jesus – “I am with You.”   

I bless you today in your journey,  that you will feel freedom to rewrite Worry stories in the setting and context where Jesus is with YOU!

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