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Women in God’s Kingdom

Ryan Rhoden 05/11/2022

It saddens me that this is a controversial statement, but we believe that “Scripture clearly and coherently teaches equality between men and women in God’s Kingdom, church, family and in marriage.” This is a foundation of who we are at Living Waters…because regionally, that is definitely not the case in many churches here. 

We believe women share equally in God’s image; Are equal recipients of Christ; Are equal recipients of God’s Spirit poured out; we are equal inheritors of the kingdom of God that Jesus inaugurated, and equal participants in the New Covenant…. 

Depending on your background, what I say today may mess with you a little bit – But, that is not my goal. If you understand or have learned scripture differently than I present them today, I would love your permission to start a conversation with you about who YOU are in Christ, and what YOU look like fully alive in Jesus.