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Single + Thriving

This is a class for all ages who are single (18+). Whether unmarried, divorced, or widowed, our heart as a church community is to lift the pressure off of you to be something other than fully alive and at peace with who you are and where you are right now. You are a complete, spiritually, and emotionally whole person, and we want to encourage you with the glorious vision Jesus has for your life.

Come with us as we journey together into the heart of Jesus to discover how to live fully alive in our singleness.

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Are Faith & Science Incompatible?

Why are leaves red? Is the sky really blue? What really was the point of sacrifice? We’ll be exploring God’s heart written into creation with modern parables for everyday life. If you want to walk around in a constant daze of wonder and be daily reminded of the beauty and complexity of the world around you, check this one out.

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