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We now have our own digital home. Download our app today on the Apple or Google App Store.

There’s an App For That!

We have been working diligently to create more and healthier ways to bridge the connection gap that many of us feel.

In a time when different schedules, jobs requirements, family expectations, managing school, and trying to occasionally travel and relax, the current of our lives can often pull us away from community more than we’d like.

Connecting with a church family is deeply beneficial because it gives each of us a place to be known, to belong, and to be fully alive in Jesus.

Our goal in creating an app for Living Waters isn’t to diminish our in person community groups or weekly gatherings, rather it is to enhance them.

We believe the digital realm is the Roman Road and Gutenberg’s Press of our time, and it will allow faith in Jesus and discipleship opportunity to spread exponentially.

Our aim is to use the opportunity the digital realm provides to anchor our community to one another and Jesus, so that we continue to thrive and grow toward Jesus and others in every area of our lives.

our Digital Sacred Space

We are excited to announce our very own online discipleship platform. We have created this platform as a digital sacred space for our church to grow and flourish together. 

An Interactive Community Experience

With our very own app, when you open it, you know exactly why you’re entering in: to interact, grow and engage with the Church family. Just like a regular social media, you can post, share, and comment any updates on yours or another’s timeline. 

There is an opportunity to connect and follow specific people so you can stay up to date with anyone you are close to within our church family.

A Digital Resource Center

You will have many opportunities to engage the content the team is putting out there for you to deepen your intimacy with the Lord, grow in your identity in Christ and rise in glory with your inheritance from 

Our heart has always been to create a centralized hub of resources to facilitate growth not just to our local body but to the global Body of Christ.

An Online Discipleship Platform

With both the interactivity of the community and the resource center, this is a perfect setup to digitized discipleship. This is part of the approach of changing our Sunday-centric approach to Christianity to a more daily growth and transformation to the image of Christ. 

You will have opportunities to take classes, engage with others in how they are growing and share with everyone what the Lord is doing in you and through you. 

Connect with us

We are glad you are here! Our desire is that you encounter the reality of Jesus today.  Text “CONNECT” to 541-982-4576 and follow the prompts and we will contact you. OR fill out the form below.