Worship Team Application

We are excited to invite new musicians and singers to our Living Waters Rogue Valley worship team!  

In order to cultivate an atmosphere of healthy expectations and the potential for a good fit on our team, we have created a very practical and relational pathway.  The first step is to fill out the application below with a live video. We will review your information and reply via email with any further questions and if approved we will send you a personal invite to our worship team Open House in the summer, which is a tryout-like experience with our live band.  

We realize that many of these questions are challenging and may point out areas of your life that you are desiring more growth in.  We are not looking for a specific “right” answer but want to know and see you. We are a community that is deeply committed to the process, and we embrace that all of us are constantly on a journey.


We are a Growth Mindset team that fosters “in the middle of it” learning and believe that this is how Jesus did discipleship. That said, we have no expectation of perfection or arrival, but rather hungry humble hearts eager to follow Jesus and serve His kids. It is our desire that you would feel free to share your heart and life with us freely, knowing that you are loved in this community at Living Waters regardless of how you answer these questions.  We commit to prayerfully consider your application, keeping your story within a small group of our leadership team, and inviting Holy Spirit to give us wisdom for this specific season of our worship ministry.

We are a passionate community of worshippers who love to pour love and adoration on Jesus and experience His transformative presence. As we see Him, adore Him and know Him more truly, we become like Him and remember who we are. 

Core Values


Following Jesus

Presence-Led Worship

Our rudder is Spirit-led worship and hosting prophetic moments of encounter with God. We believe His presence changes us and we love to follow Him wherever He leads. 

John 4:23-24


Cultivating Wholeness

Lifestyle of Discipleship

We are dedicated to growth and healing and believe this starts in our own hearts and relationships. We actively pursue a lifestyle of being discipled by Jesus and allowing the Lord and our community to speak into our lives that we would all mature into Love. 

Ephesians 3:17-19


Stewarding unity

Multi-Generational Bride

We are a worship family that welcomes diversity, that practices connection, communication, and presses into healthy conflict resolution.  We believe the heart of God is fully expressed in a diverse and a multi-generational Bride.

John 17:21

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